Our Philosophy

Why Should You Hire Harmon & Hartmon Financial Group?

At Harmon & Hartmon Financial Group, we believe three characteristics set us apart from other financial and investment planning firms:

We Are Thoughtful
We put people first. We really listen to and truly care about you and your financial well-being. With your personal story in mind, we provide thoughtful guidance to help you meet your current financial needs while also preparing you for a financially secure future. 

We Are Thorough
We review, research, and analyze all aspects of your financial and investment portfolio. We also ask questions to help understand what matters most to you—your values, dreams, unique situation, and life stage. Our thorough process helps you evaluate where you are today and sets a path to your ideal financial future. Our first meeting together is just the beginning. We help keep you on your path with straightforward recommendations, periodic check-ins, and annual reviews. 

With our team-based approach, we leverage each member’s unique perspective and expertise. From wealth accumulation through wealth preservation to creating your legacy, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive services.

We Are Thankful
We are thankful for our lasting client relationships and grateful that you have chosen to trust us with the many aspects of your financial lives. As your advisors, we aim to bring clarity, order, and confidence to your financial future.

For more information about our team or about the specific services we provide, please give us a call at 651-332-5555 or contact our financial and investment planning firm online. We look forward to meeting with you!