Guiding You To A Secure Retirement

Are you within ten years of retirement? Do you know what your retirement is going to look like? Will you travel? Will you work part-time? Do you know how you will supplement your social security check when you retire?

When you are looking to maximize your retirement savings during your final working years, turn to Harmon & Hartmon Financial Group. We will advise you on the financial planning and investment decisions you need to think about as you approach your retirement such as paying off your mortgage, maximizing savings, and balancing your investment portfolio’s risk and return objectives, so you can confidently prepare and transition into retirement.

A Confident Retirement

We ask the right questions
The first step in any financial plan is to understand your vision for and concerns about retirement. By asking the right questions, we want you to “paint the picture,” by describing for us your vision of retirement. Then, together, we will co-create a financial plan that will take you from where you are today and guide you to the lifestyle you desire in retirement.

We evaluate your financial options
Successful financial planning is more than which investments to choose. At Harmon & Harmon we integrate all aspects of your life with the financial tools and resources needed to implement your plan. This includes recommendations on determining when and if you should rollover your 401(k) and deferred compensation plans; scheduling your sources of retirement income, including withdrawals from taxable accounts and traditional and Roth IRAs; and electing when to begin your pension benefit and social security payments. We help pre-retirees coordinate and monitor the many financial choices you need to make before you retire.

We plan for bumps along the way
No one knows what the future holds, but by using what we know today, we can plan for difficulties that might occur in the future. Using retirement and cash flow projections, we analyze the effect of market declines on retirement income and the impact of saving shortfalls on spending goals in retirement. We discuss the importance of having an emergency fund and determine the amount of money required to cover unexpected expenses and life events. We also review longevity risks and ways to mitigate its financial impact with annuities or long-term care insurance. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that your retirement date is a reality by understanding what you can and cannot control so that you have the knowledge to make proactive adjustments before you retire. 

Retiring within 10 years? 
Whether you are building a retirement nest egg or you know you need to create one, we can help you to evaluate the investments you have and define a path for you to follow into and through retirement. Learn more by e-mailing our financial and investment planning firm or by calling us at 651-332-5555.