Planning For Clients In Retirement

Planning For Clients In Retirement
Retirement has a unique meaning for everyone. For some, it might be reaching the age you can apply for social security retirement benefits, choosing to continue working in your current job or changing careers to do something you love, or a premature exit due to a disability or because you were offered an early retirement package. 

Common questions retirees ask include: Where will my next paycheck come from? How will I know which accounts to withdraw from first to supplement my living expenses in retirement? What are the tax consequences of my IRA distributions? This is where our team at Harmon & Hartmon Financial Group can assist. We help you evaluate the expenses associated with your desired retirement and answer any questions you have about transitioning into retirement, so you feel more confident you can support your current lifestyle in retirement.

Monitoring Your Plan In Retirement
Not only is a financial planner helpful during your working years as you build your investment portfolio, but a financial planner can also assist and support you during your retirement. Having a trusted advisor to monitor your financial and investment plan can provide you the comfort and financial confidence you need to enjoy your retirement.

Here are some of the areas your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional can assist you with during retirement:

  • Determining the timing and most tax-efficient way to withdraw funds from your investment and IRA accounts;
  • Maximizing your social security and pension benefits;
  • Reviewing your insurance options for the possibility of needing long-term care;
  • Coordinating with an attorney for any charitable and estate planning goals;
  • Facilitating reviews with trusted friends or family meetings with children when needed.

We want you to enjoy the retirement that you have worked so hard to reach. If you have any questions, please call us—we are here to help you make the most of this new stage of your life.

Keeping Your Retirement Plan On Track
We would like to give you financial confidence in retirement. Call us today at 651-332-5555 or contact our financial and investment planners online to learn more about our services for retirees.