Wealth Accumulation

Building For Today And Saving For The Future

Building For Today And Saving For The Future
As an individual in the wealth accumulation phase of your life, you know you need to save for retirement, but you are also preoccupied with your day-to-day life and the competing obligations of family, careers, and existing financial commitments. At Harmon & Hartmon Financial Group, we can help you identify and prioritize your financial goals and options for building wealth and guide you toward decisions that leverage both your time and money.

Confidence For The Future
Our goal when working with wealth accumulators is to provide you with knowledge so you can make smart financial choices today and position yourself for the future. First, we want to talk about and answer the financial questions that are most urgent for you today. From there we engage with you in a process to co-create a financial plan that:

  • Defines your longer-term goals and priorities
  • Analyzes your current financial position
  • Reviews spending habits and capacity for additional savings
  • Educates you on the risks and benefits of your financial choices
  • Researches existing investment portfolio and employer retirement benefits
  • Recommends solutions to build a solid financial foundation

Assessing Financial Trade-Offs 
We often counsel wealth accumulators through decisions that require trade-offs between current and long-term spending. For instance, if you have children, planning is needed for the expected (college), but also for the unexpected (disability or death). We work with you to identify and evaluate the resources you have available so that you can have financial security for your family today and in the future. These tools might include:

  • Retirement and college funding financial projections
  • Life, disability, or long-term care insurance
  • Mortgage refinancing and debt repayment strategies
  • Emergency fund and savings for planned expenditures
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans, including 401(k), deferred compensation, and corporate stock option plans
  • Wills, trusts, and related estate planning documents

Partnering With Wealth Accumulators
While the needs of wealth accumulators are all unique, many have the same concerns. Here is just a sampling of the frequently asked questions you may have when you first meet with us:

  • Do I need an emergency fund? How do I build it?
  • How do I know if I am saving enough to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement?
  • What can I do now to help my children with higher education costs?
  • I feel like I’m doing a lot to save for retirement, but am I doing the right things?
  • My parents are going to need my help as they age. How do I plan for this?
  • When should I exercise my employer stock options, and where will I get the funds to pay the taxes?
  • How much insurance do I need?

If you find you are asking yourself these questions, turn to us for guidance and help in getting the answers you need.

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